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Cucumber Basil Breeze

This is the first of five cocktails we created using the alcohols we infused, and I think it is also our favorite! This drink is so light and refreshing -- perfect for a hot summer day.

For this drink you will need cucumber infused vodka, fresh basil, lemonade, lime and club soda. To start, put 1.5 shots of your vodka and 8-10 leaves of basil into a glass/shaker.  Muddle the basil well using a muddler or spoon. Add in 2 shots of lemonade and shake with ice. Add 1-2 shots of club soda and the juice of a wedge of lime. That's it!

Last night we used the cucumber vodka, but didn't have the ingredients to make this drink so we mixed the vodka with tonic and lime juice instead. So yummy!

DIY Inspiration

Lately this blog has been lacking in the DIY department. Last summer I was doing all sorts of projects, but this summer time and money have both been short and all of the projects that I have saved up have fallen to the bottom of the to do list. Recently I've gotten to urge to get creative -- I have a few projects in mind that I want to do so I can finally put the finishing touches on my room. I also might get to bring my mom's old sewing machine here after I visit home, so I am dreaming of all of the sewing projects I will be able to do!  After looking through my pins I decided to throw together a bit of a DIY inspiration board with some ideas for future projects.  Maybe some of these ideas and images will inspire you too! 
1: I've always loved marquee lights as statement pieces...There are lots of tutorials out there for how to make your own.  Figuring out a DIY that is in my budget/works for me has been on my to do list for ages // 2: I've been thinking about all sorts of ways to display plants and flowers in my room lately.  I have a project in mind that also uses a series of glass bottles // 3: Have you seen the tutorials out there for decorating your own dishes? I love the design on this mug // 4: I have been lusting over this bag ever since I pinned it.  And a couple of months ago they got it in stock at a store a few blocks away from my house.  It has taken all the will-power I have not to buy it.  Once I get ahold of a sewing machine I want to try my hand at creating something similar // 5: Love this colorful swing.  We have a few trees in front of my house that would be perfect for something like this! // 6: Surprise! Another plant project.  There are so many cool hangers out there that I want to try and recreate // 7: Another sewing project on my list is to make some colorful pillows to brighten up my bed.

I'm hoping to finish up a couple of projects in the next few weeks to post up here. Do you have any projects you've been wanting to do? Items on your wish list you wish you could recreate for less? I'd love to hear your ideas.

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Italy Video

Here is the video we made about our time in Italy! The first song is "You Don't Know How Much You Can Suffer" by Jan Morks Quartet, and the second is "Tintarella di Luna" by Jenny Luna.  Enjoy!